A Nature Sprint

10 Oct

This fall is gorgeous.  I suppose if fall was always 78 and sunny I would love it every year.

Last year I wanted the kids to get outside everyday regardless of the weather and experience the dreary days as well as the beautiful.  This year the kids are delighted to be outside, but it’s a bit more challenging for me to chase kiddos down the sidewalk or around a park.  So, yesterday, I planned on a peaceful nature walk and scavenger hunt at one of the trails by our house.  The kids were asked to find big items like trees, rocks, flying geese as well as small items like a spider, an acorn, and bugs.

We get to the trail, and I am just thankful to enjoy the nice weather.  Remember, I’m expecting a peaceful nature walk.  The kiddos leap out of the car and start running down the trail.  They stop to let me catch up to them as they hang themselves over a bridge and pose for some pictures.  Then they start off again.  We make it way up a hill, stop to pet a dog, take some more pictures.  Then the kids sprinted down the hill.  They sprinted the entire way.   The entire way.


At the trail-head. “And they’re off!”



Paused so I could catch up. So thoughtful!


Photo op.


And, they’re off again!


Rocket Man.


Dancing. Well, of course they’d be dancing on our nature walk.


Another photo op. Hello, are we taking senior portraits already?


And, we’re running again.


“Mom. You’re so slow.”

Not relaxing to a 40+ week pregnant Momma.

“Hazel, what did you see on our nature walk?”

“Oh, nothing much.  Some trees, squirrels, and falling leaves.  Ooh we also saw those turkeys running across the path.”

At least we saw the turkeys.

One Response to “A Nature Sprint”

  1. Shannon! October 10, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    well, perhaps they will sleep well tonight! I can only imagine how exhausting that was for you. But they needed the air and space to run. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying this fall.

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