Dodd Road

What is Dodd Road?

This is probably the best our house has ever looked

Dodd Road

Our family started off in this humble, 875 square-foot home on Dodd Road.   The house was not the home of our dreams by any means.  It had a hatch door the basement, no insulation, a gravel driveway.  Our next door neighbors were drug addicts.  But this was home.  Every time we’d turn on our street, you could hear little Hazel from the back seat saying “We’re on Dodd Roaaadd.”  

The Lord now has us a few miles south of that memorable house.  But we believe we can bloom wherever we are planted.

So, come, join us on our journey as we seek the Lord in this family.  On Dodd Road we seek Jesus in the midst of our messy lives.  Come, take a peak into our home.


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