Five in a Row – Night of the Moonjellies

16 Oct

I loved this book!  It’s a great story about a young boy, Mark, who helps at his Grandma’s restaurant on the New England coast twice a week.


We started the week off exploring a new art medium–chalk pastels.  They are messy.  Wonderfully messy.  We explored color shading,  Light vs Dark colors, and experimented drawing a black night sky and discovered that things are rarely pitch black.


Ocean Night by Hazel


Ocean Night by Becca. These drawings are meant to look like the back cover of the book.



Night of the Moonjellies takes place on the coast of New England.  We took a day and talked about the East Coast and all the states in New England.


Where are the New England States?

Running a Business

This was our favorite lesson in Night of the Moonjellies.   Since Mark helps out at his Grandma’s restaurant we talked about running a family business and the effort that goes into it.  We read Anna the Bookbinder, a story about a young girl that helps her Dad keep his bookbinding business afloat as her Momma goes into labor; Farmer’s Market, a book about families working together on the farm and bringing their food to market; and Hazel read In the Yard, a early reader about how a family shares chores in the yard.

Using the printouts from, Hazel answered some questions about being a business owner.  “What would you name your business” –Mar-Gra’s.  “What character qualities would you want your employees to possess?”  –Gentle, obedient, beautiful, helpful, likable, and strong.  

She came up with a menu for her restaurant, went grocery shopping, and helped make onion rings, hamburgers, and chocolate ice cream. 


“Gram folded and pinned my apron to make it fit, then put it on my head.  She started to form hamburger patties while I placed them between sheets of wax paper.”

 When Daddy came home from work, she took his order, served him his food, and cleared his table.  At the end of the day she said “Mommy, owning a restaurant is a lot of work.  I don’t think I want to do this again.”


Ocean Life

We read several books on Ocean animals and watched a few videos about the diversity of ocean creatures.  We were going to go to the aquarium at the Mall of America but the aquarium at the Minnesota Zoo served us just fine as Hazel went on a scavenger hunt.


Underwater Scavenger Hunt


Some animals glow in the dark, so we looked at pictures of bio-luminescent plankton washing up on the shore, jellyfish, and made our own moonjelly using a plastic bag and a glow-in-the-dark bracelet.  

This months Kiwi Crate is about Glow-in-the-dark animals.  How fortuitous!

Five Sense

We first discussed our five senses and made Hazel’s favorite Itsy Bitsy book.  Then we went outside pretending we were at the beach and explored using our five senses.

Using our senses to explore the beach.

Using our senses to explore the beach.


Night of the Moonjellies (5)

Hazel water-colored then sewed her lapbook just like Anna in “Anna the Bookbinder.”


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