40 weeks

7 Oct

40 weeks.

I made it to my due date for the third time.  I really don’t think my dates are accurate.  Well, whose are?


40 weeks. Replacing the blinds was part of my nesting. That nasty blind behind me will never be seen again!

Someone recently asked me if I felt this pregnancy has flown by.  I felt Hazel’s was pretty quick, Ambrose’s passed with lightening speed (even though he was 12 days past due!), but this pregnancy has dragged on.  It’s not so much the regular pregnancy symptoms that have me looking forward to the end.  But the thing is, at the beginning of this pregnancy my Dad was alive.  I got to share the news of another Grandbaby with him and hear his excitement!  He was alive and today, he is not.  Nothing in my life has shaken me more to the core than losing my Dad.  I am so eager for the joy that comes in the morning.  I am eager to see this baby face to face and peer into his/her eyes and see if any of my dad is in her.  I am excited for the life that is coming!


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