Forced to take a rest

13 Oct

This pregnancy I’ve questioned the “biological instinct” of nesting.  I’ve strongly felt the urge to feather my nest since July–3 months before my due date.  In July I repainted a built-in cabinet in our dining room, set up the crib, organized closets, and finished unpacking after our move last summer.  In August I organized our homeschool curriculum for the year and in September I cooked like crazy to assemble 25 meals for our freezer.  For the past several weeks I’ve cleaned every nook and cranny of our house (and ate a bunch of our freezer meals).

As expecting Moms we want to feather our nest and prepare for the arrival of our Little One.  But truthfully, the Baby will not care if there are smudges on the windows, organized toys, nor if there are 47 meals in the freezer or none at all.  But it’s such a strong instinct to organize and clean.  It’s really, really strong for my personality type.  I’ve thought “It’s biological so it must be from the Lord,” but it causes me so much angst when 13 minutes later I have to clean again.  Angst is not from God, nesting to this extreme is not from God.

Anyway as I was cleaning the floor for the fourth time in a week and organizing my curriculum for the remainder of the year (and getting exhausted), a little illness hit our home.  It started with a runny nose and has progressed to a never-ending cough.  This cold has forced me to rest.  The floor is getting dirty, the kitchen counters are dirty, we’re eating through our food reserves, but I’m enjoying my time snuggling up with my family reading books and watching movies.  

I’m thankful for a complete homeschool curriculum, for a fairly-organized nursery, for a few meals in the freezer.  But I’m most thankful for these last few days to snuggle with my family of four.  


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