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Ezekiel – ONE!

2 Nov

Sweet Baby EZ will soon be toddler EZ, Little Boy EZ…Buddy EZ.  We’ll need to figure out what to call him soon.

Ezekiel has taken us by surprise and is a quick, spunky ONE YEAR OLD!  This baby has been with us for an entire year.


Learning to drive




Entertaining himself with a squash


Enjoying playing in the leaves


Climbing the stairs


At one, Ezekiel:

*Has 6 teeth
*likes to help unload the dishwasher
*climbs the stairs
*is taking steps
*signs Daddy, all done, more.  Well, sort of.  They look more like clapping.
*Understands “don’t touch” and “hot.”
*Says “ball” “book” and “uh oh”

We made him a birthday cake made with almond flour, cocoa, honey.  He hated it and threw it all on the floor.


This is how I feel about birthday cake


Ezekiel – 9 Months

26 Jul

Ezekiel has been outside of the womb for as long as he was in. Crazy.

Our household has gotten a lot busier now with this guy on the move.  He’s always getting into Big Brother’s creations and Big Sister is often at Ezekiel’s aid and defense.  It’s sweet to see the three of them interact .

Can you get over how cute he is?  Baby Model

Can you get over how cute he is? Baby Model


Tidbits about Ezekiel-
*He is pulling himself up on the coffee table, on his crib, on the stairs.  Watch out!  This baby is mobile!
*His facial expressions have become more serious, but he still smiles whenever he makes eye contact with someone
*He’s understanding that crying gets him picked up.  And boy, does he work the tears during dinner time.
*He chases the Roomba
*Mama- First word.  He says it when I get him up in the morning.  “Ma ma ma.”

Meeting Daddy for a lunch picnic.

Meeting Daddy for a lunch picnic.


In his favorite hangout - the front porch.

In his favorite hangout – the front porch.




Ezekiel – 8 Months

8 Jul

Another month gone by with this sweet little man.  It’s been a whirlwind and I forgot to post.  Hazel and Ambrose spent a week with their grandmas and I took every opportunity to “get stuff done,” and before that Ezekiel had hand, foot and mouth.  These days are flying by.

Ezekiel-8 months

Very active at 8 months.

Tidbits about Ezekiel-
*He is an efficient crawler.  As he was learning he would excessively lift his hands in the air.
*He responds to his own name.  He’ll turn to look at you when we say his name.
*He’s understanding object permanence.  He’ll look for a toy once he’s dropped it, or look for us when we’ve left the room
*Laptop charger, balloons, and magazines:  favorite “toys” he can’t have
*Momma’s water bottle, stacking rings, and a plastic rattle: favorite toys he can have
*Still cackles when he laughs
*Salmon roe: favorite baby food


Goober face. Showing off my new teeth.


Goober face.

Ezekiel in the sand

Ezekiel playing in the sand. It wasn’t too long before the sand was in his mouth.


Ezekiel – 7 Months

2 Jun

Seven months caught me by surprise.  Life’s been slightly busier than usual with the end of the school year, the start of summer activities, planning a family vacation, and new job prospects for Mike.  Life’s always busy.  For everyone. But I really wanted to document this baby’s milestones.

Ezekiel is staring to grow into his own personality and it’s fun to see what sort of boy he’ll grow into.


7 Months

Tidbits about Ezekiel-

*He gives these big, squinty goober grins.
*He’s a mover and a shaker…just like all boys
*Main mode of transport is rolling.  He also army crawls a lot.
*During the last month he started eating solid foods.  He eats a traditional, digestible, nutrient-dense diet.  Homemade bone broth, egg yolks, liver, and sweet potatoes  His eczema has really cleared up!
*He likes laying in the grass and playing with the grass blades.
*He took off his diaper during his nap and then pooped.  He then crawled through it and rolled over in it.  So gross.
*Still sleeping through the night
*Gone are the days when he would sit still for a diaper change


He’s a strong man


I used to wonder if I had a brother what would he look like? This. He’d be handsome like this boy!


EZ Joe stuck his face in the sand in our new sandbox.

Hitler banana mustache

Hitler banana mustache

Joining in on art time.

Joining in on art time.

Ezekiel – 4 months

25 Feb

4 Months

This past month we’ve been working Ezekiel towards a schedule.  It’s so nice knowing when he naps so we have more freedom to leave the house during his wakeful periods.  He’s pretty compliant to my efforts and has even taken a 2-hour nap – though most naps are only an hour.  Freedom

DSC_0078 DSC_0084

Tidbits about Ezekiel-

  • He’s like a turtle on his back when he rolls over in his crib.  It’s really the only time he cries.  He hates being on his back.  For a baby who “never cries” he sure cries a lot when he rolls on his back.
  • He scratches his head when he’s tired
  • Grabs everything, especially my hair
  • Shrieking and coos – Ezekiel’s communication skills
  • Unlike his big sister and brother, he seems to be interested in eating. He’s been eyeing up whatever food I’m putting in my mouth.
  • Raises his left eyebrow when he smiles and he smiles A LOT.  He is such a smiley, happy baby
  • During bathtime he flops himself out of his seat and tries to lay down in the water.  Arms reach.  He’s always in arms reach.
  • Nicknames  – Easy, Babes, Easy E, Zekie, Duder
    There are many pictures of Momma as a baby that look just like this.

    There are many pictures of Momma as a baby that look just like this.

    A Momma's-eye view.   Easy in the Ergo

    A Momma’s-eye view. Easy in the Ergo


Ezekiel – 3 months

24 Jan

3 months!  This little sweetie is already three months.

Three months!

Three months!

He is such a delight to this family.  After two colicky babies and a certain-little-Mister who rarely slept, Ezekiel is such a sigh of relief.   Yes, Easy’s fussy, and every time he wears a disposable diaper he has a blow out.  Those things are expected.  Other that he is just so easy going.

Except here.  He's not so easy going here.  He needs his space.

Except here. He’s not so easy going here. He needs his space.


Tidbits about Ezekiel-

  • He sucks on his hands when he’s tired
  • He can roll from tummy to back.  He usually does this when he is in his crib.
  • Slept 10 hours through the night last week.  (This week he’s waking up every 2 hours.  You win some, you lose some)
  • His hair gets adorably fuzzy after his baths.
  • Shrieks when he’s excited
  • Ezekiel loves his big sister Hazel.  He has a special squeal just for her.
  • He coos in the morning when we make eye contact for the first time
  • Just like his big sister and brother, bath time is his favorite part of the day.
  • Similarly to Ambrose, Ezekiel is working out some food sensitivities.  We’re trying not to stress out about what may be causing his eczema and reflux.  At the recommendation of a nutritionist, I have temporarily removed dairy, gluten, eggs and sugar from my diet.  We’ll see…
Easy Joe

Easy Joe

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Ezekiel adoringly looks at Hazel.

Ezekiel adoringly looks at Hazel.