Believe. Even on the Worst Days

20 Aug


Hazel and Ambrose decided they wouldn’t do their morning “High Five” – get dressed, brush your teeth and hair, make the bed, put away your jammies and empty the dishwasher.  They were starving so they needed to eat immediately.  They couldn’t possibly eat what I had just made for breakfast, they needed something different.  And actually those cherries I added as a treat for breakfast weren’t good enough, they need some cocoa powder and coconut milk to make them acceptable.  High Five took 2 hours.

Ezekiel ripped our laptop into two pieces then further dismantled it.  This is the same child who smashed the screen on our smart TV…twice.

Ambrose used his guitar as a slide and broke it in too.

The location a friend is hosting her daughter’s birthday party didn’t please Hazel, so she grumbled.  She grumbled some more when she found out what we were giving as a present.

Ambrose spit on his Bible.

I didn’t change Ezekiel’s nighttime poopy diaper until 10:30 am.

Ezekiel bit me.

Ambrose kicked Ezekiel.

Hazel screamed at Ambrose.

Ambrose stole a lemon bar from the fridge then lied about it.

Ambrose prayed to God that he wished God wouldn’t have made Mommy.

Ezekiel pulled my hair.

We missed the playdate at Ambrose’s preschool.

Kids all cried and told me I was the baddest Mommy ever and I never let them have fun.

I feel a twang of guilt.

God’s grace is sufficient for me today, and it is for you too, Momma.  Believe Him.  Rest in Him.  Jesus was perfect on your behalf.  Stop believing in yourself.  Give up false confidence or pity in yourself and embrace the humiliation of the cross.  Believe Him.  Believe He is taking care of you.  Believe He has already done for you all that needs to be done.  Mornings like this can happen, play dates can be skipped, friends can be shooed away, tonight’s crock pot dinner can be put in the oven—or we could eat cereal and eggs.  Who cares!  His grace is sufficient.

This was a real life, practical application the Lord gave me today after a painful summer of learning that all my efforts to “be enough” can only be met with despair.  Failure to believe in Christ can only result in restlessness.

Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?” Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God,that you believe in him whom he has sent.”  – John 6:28-29


One Response to “Believe. Even on the Worst Days”

  1. Kaelin October 4, 2015 at 1:41 am #

    I laughed so hard at this!!! And of course, I am encouraged just to know you are doing it!! Wish I could come over and add some crazy to yours 🙂 Love you Sweet Goodpasters.

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