Birthday Reflections – Created for Good Works

14 Aug

Yes, my birthday was a month ago, but I thought I’d share some reflections from that day.

A birthday outing with my Sweet Ones.

A birthday outing with my Sweet Ones.

I am a cherished work of art–made to be exactly who I am.  Each character trait, each strength, each idiosyncrasy was part of my design.  

I was created to fulfill a specific work which God prepared for me before I was even born.  (Ephesians 2:10)

When we start thinking about engaging in works that God has prepared beforehand for us to participate in our eyes are taken off of ourselves and focused on what God is doing.  It’s not about me–it’s about Him!  but guess what?  He loves me so much–so so much.  I m His treasure–His inheritance.  He is letting me participate in his grand plan.  Me!!

God has prepared work for me to do before I was born–meaning I was born to fulfill these works.  My aim should not be to find something I might be good at, but to find what I’ve been created to do.  God gave me specific skills to fulfill these works in order to bring him glory.  The things I’m good at aren’t for my glory nor for making a name for myself–but to bring him glory and make His name famous. 

Somewhere in the midst of this all I will find Jesus as my satisfaction!


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