Ezekiel – 8 Months

8 Jul

Another month gone by with this sweet little man.  It’s been a whirlwind and I forgot to post.  Hazel and Ambrose spent a week with their grandmas and I took every opportunity to “get stuff done,” and before that Ezekiel had hand, foot and mouth.  These days are flying by.

Ezekiel-8 months

Very active at 8 months.

Tidbits about Ezekiel-
*He is an efficient crawler.  As he was learning he would excessively lift his hands in the air.
*He responds to his own name.  He’ll turn to look at you when we say his name.
*He’s understanding object permanence.  He’ll look for a toy once he’s dropped it, or look for us when we’ve left the room
*Laptop charger, balloons, and magazines:  favorite “toys” he can’t have
*Momma’s water bottle, stacking rings, and a plastic rattle: favorite toys he can have
*Still cackles when he laughs
*Salmon roe: favorite baby food


Goober face. Showing off my new teeth.


Goober face.

Ezekiel in the sand

Ezekiel playing in the sand. It wasn’t too long before the sand was in his mouth.


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