First Ever Family Vacation

20 Jun

First night fishing with Daddy

We have never jet-set anywhere together as a family.  We have never road-tripped across the country.  Those adventure-filled days aren’t here yet.  But wouldn’t you know, we have never even taken a long weekend away together as just a family!  That all changed last weekend.

DSC_1089 - Copy

Daddy showing the kiddos the bucket of fishies.


Caught a bunch of bluegills and bass

We rented a little cabin on Shell Lake in Wisconsin and enjoyed a quiet 3 days away.  We fished, swam, played games, grilled out, and just enjoyed one another’s company. No vacation is complete without hiccups.  Out of our 72 hours there we were without power for 20 hours.  We gladly did without the tv.  We reluctantly did without the lights, white noise machines, and heat (Inside the cabin was a chilly 58).  But the electric stove was dependent on electricity, and even the water needed a power source.  Those things caused my heart to grumble a bit.  “This isn’t the vacation I had planned.”  So the Lord and I wrestled a bit and He once again reminded me to place my hope in Him–in Him alone.


Can you feel the elation that I caught the biggest fish?


An evening around the campfire.


Lessons in roasting marshmallows.

All in all the vacation was just what our little family needed.




These deer blend into the shed. But it was so sweet to see the fawn trot right behind his momma.


Baby Ez giggling at his Daddy. So sweet.


Ezekiel loved the beach. Playing in the water. Digging in the sand. Eating the sand.


Oh sweetness. He’s so precious!


A beauty on the beach


Ambrose loves playing in the sand. He filled his buckets up and brought the sand back into the water. Busy work!


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