Ezekiel – 7 Months

2 Jun

Seven months caught me by surprise.  Life’s been slightly busier than usual with the end of the school year, the start of summer activities, planning a family vacation, and new job prospects for Mike.  Life’s always busy.  For everyone. But I really wanted to document this baby’s milestones.

Ezekiel is staring to grow into his own personality and it’s fun to see what sort of boy he’ll grow into.


7 Months

Tidbits about Ezekiel-

*He gives these big, squinty goober grins.
*He’s a mover and a shaker…just like all boys
*Main mode of transport is rolling.  He also army crawls a lot.
*During the last month he started eating solid foods.  He eats a traditional, digestible, nutrient-dense diet.  Homemade bone broth, egg yolks, liver, and sweet potatoes  His eczema has really cleared up!
*He likes laying in the grass and playing with the grass blades.
*He took off his diaper during his nap and then pooped.  He then crawled through it and rolled over in it.  So gross.
*Still sleeping through the night
*Gone are the days when he would sit still for a diaper change


He’s a strong man


I used to wonder if I had a brother what would he look like? This. He’d be handsome like this boy!


EZ Joe stuck his face in the sand in our new sandbox.

Hitler banana mustache

Hitler banana mustache

Joining in on art time.

Joining in on art time.


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