An Ode to Magnesium

9 Apr

I have been singing the praises of magnesium for two years.  I’d almost go so far as to say magnesium saved my life.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium

Ancient Minerals Magnesium

Let me share a little about where I was 2-3 years ago:
I was irritable
I had some severe, heart-pounding anxiety (my doctor likened it to PTSD)
I was an insomniac – I had extreme difficulty going to sleep and I always woke up at 4am
My pregnancies were characterized by morning sickness and muscle cramping
I was so, very tired.  So so so tired
My brain seemed foggy, as if my brain was wrapped in plastic wrap
Headaches.  My head hurt constantly

Then a popular blogger wrote about the signs of magnesium deficiency.  She was describing me!!  She suggested a transdermal magnesium supplement.  What did I have to lose?  I purchased the magnesium and that night I fell asleep easily, didn’t wake up at 4am, and had no headaches.   A miracle?  Maybe.

2 years later the anxiety, irritability, insomnia, muscle cramping, exhaustion, brain fog, PMS, and heachaches are all gone!  Gone!  I still use the magnesium, but I can go weeks (months?) without it.  Then I’ll notice the subtle signs of deficiency.  Chocolate cravings.  Difficulty falling asleep.  Restless legs.  A couple sprays and I sleep like a baby (not my baby, but someone else’s).

So, what do you have to lose?  Give magnesium a try.  But be sure to use magnesium oil (the topical spray stuff)–your body absorbs it better without the uncomfortable  intestinal side effects of ingesting magnesium supplements.




2 Responses to “An Ode to Magnesium”

  1. Christy August 10, 2014 at 5:45 pm #

    Oh man. Restless legs, chocolate cravings, headache, irritability, anxiety. This is me. I also feel like my dental health has taken a hit since babies (I know that’s weirdly specific). I’ve wondered if it’s linked to the same? Either way. This is me. Kindred spirits, we are. I wish doTERRA made a magnesium oil.

    • Becca G August 11, 2014 at 11:02 am #

      Yes! My teeth became almost transparent when I was pregnant. Makes sense because the baby is drawing calcium from Momma’s body. I used to wonder what *my* bones looked like. Anyway, magnesium has been my “windex” and solved a myriad of problems. (As I snack on chocolate now…)

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