A Gratitude Alphabet

17 Mar

We want to cultivate an spirit of gratitude.  Way too often we focus on what is wrong and grumble about it rather than being thankful.  Last night at dinner we went through the alphabet and came up with something to be thankful for every letter.

A – Ambrose, Art, Amazon.com


Art projects. Best time of the Day!

B – Beauty, BOGS


BOGS. The reason to love winter

C – Cookies, Candy, Costco, Cars, Cats
D – Daddy, Dates
E – Ezekiel


Love this smile!

F – Food, Friends
G – Goodpasters, Grandparents
H – Hazel, Help from Hazel (she was incredibly helpful yesterday!)
I – Ice Cream, Interstates, the Irelands
J – JESUS! Johanne, Joey


Joey and Ezekiel

K – the Kocoureks
L – Lemskys, Laughter
M – Music, Momma
N – Neighbors, Netflix
O – Orange Essential oil


Diffusing Orange essential oil. Smells like happiness.

P – Purple, Payday, Pork chops, Penguins, Packers
Q – Quilt made for Baby EZ out of Grandpa Joe’s ties
R – Rabbits, Rainbows, Roomba
S – Snow, Sunshine, Sunsets, Socks, Stars
T – Twin Cities Church, Toys, T-Ball, Trent, Trains
U – Umbrellas, Uncles
V – Volcanoes, Vacuum
W – Water
X – Xylophone
Y – Yellow tulips


Yellow tulips from our dinner guests.

Z – Zebras, Zoo


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