A Snowy Saturday

23 Feb

Say what you want, but I’ve loved this winter.  Warm boots.  An excuse to stay in. And the sunshine.  The sunshine!  I’ll take a frigid sunshiny winter day any day over the gray days of fall.  It’s been a beautiful winter.

Last Saturday we took advantage of a free day and spent the day as a family.  Not quite a sunshiny day, but a beautiful day nonetheless.  We packed all the kiddos in the car and went sledding.  


Daddy daughter sledding.

My dad  took me sledding once and I ran over a “ski jump,” crashed and got a bloody nose.  Dad felt so bad he took me to the bar afterwards.  Sweet Daddy-Daughter sledding memories.




The wind really picked up and Ambrose wasn’t a fan, so he retreated back to the car while Daddy and Hazel went down the hill a few times.

We wouldn’t let the cold affect our good spirits, so to Black Sheep we went!  Hot cocoa all around!  They have the best cocoa – chocolaty. creamy. without going into a diabetic coma.



What a ham!



Sweet weekends


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