My Retreat with Zeke

7 Nov

During my first visit with my midwife she gave me a vision of what my first weeks post-partum would be like.  She talked of snuggling in bed with my newborn, concentrating on nursing him and loving him.  She talked of getting help for 2-3 weeks so that I could sleep when the baby slept and recover.  No walking down the stairs, no making meals, no getting dressed.  At first I thought this vision sounded too good to be true and slightly over-the-top.  But then I remembered the days postpartum with both Hazel and Ambrose–days in which I would hustle around the house trying to keep it clean, making meals, getting dressed and beautified, and welcoming in a lot of visitors.  I was burnt out during those days.  I wanted to do something right for myself and my family…so I claimed Jeanne’s vision as my own.


Peacefully resting

I was also reminded recently of a stay Mike and I had at a bed-and-breakfast in Red Wing, MN.  We stayed in an old colonial house on the main floor in a room called the “Borning Room.”  The room was designed for a mom to give birth in and remain during her first month postpartum.  She retreated to a room and just she and the baby stayed there to recover.  Mom took time off from “life” to enjoy her baby and rest so that she would be better able to serve her family in the coming months.

I sit here today two weeks after Ezekiel was born feeling peaceful and confident about being a mom to three.  Will it be hard?  Yes.  Will I be exhausted? Yes.  But today I am completely in love with each of my children and recognize each of them as a true gift from the Lord.  I have nursed Ezekiel in the comfort and quiet of my bedroom while life continued for the rest of my family.  Breastfeeding is no easy task and I am hugely appreciative for the time we had away in a peaceful room to practice.

Thank you to our church family who stepped in to care for Hazel and Ambrose while I gave birth to Ezekiel and for the first days of his life.  Thank you for lovingly caring for our children, for bringing us meals, and for praying for us.  Thank you to the Grandmas in our lives that have volunteered their time to come take our kiddos Trick-or-Treating, to talk them for a walk and to the park to play (even though it’s getting cold).  Thank you for doing our laundry, making us meals, cleaning our bathroom, and letting me cry.  The biggest thank you goes to my one-in-a-million husband for taking unpaid time off of work to care for me, for serving me all my meals in bed, and for breaking up one too many fights between our two older kids.  Thank you, Mike, for your sacrifice as we transition into being a family of five.

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