Biophysical Profile Update

23 Oct

42 weeks, 2 days pregnant.  Most American women aren’t allowed to carry their babies for this long.  So, here I am, part of an exclusive group that I would rather not be in.  However, I know this baby has a reason to stay put, therefore making induction unnecessary.  This is yet another test for me to trust in the Lord’s timing.  

Because I am post-term my midwives suggested I have a biophysical profile just to confirm that Baby is indeed healthy.  

This baby couldn’t avoid the biophysical profile like Ambrose did.  All Ambrose needed to hear was “3 hour-long ultrasound” and he high-tailed it out of the womb.  Ambrose arrived 10 hours before the ultrasound was scheduled.  This baby is another story.  This baby endured the biophysical profile and definitely didn’t enjoy it.  Lucky for this Baby it was only 30 minutes long.

During the ultrasound they are looking for 4 things (amniotic fluid level, a moving baby, moving limbs, and 30 seconds of practice breathing from baby), and score the baby a 0-2 on those things. 

Here’s how our baby scored.  

Amniotic fluid level- 2/2 

Baby’s movements in torso – 2/2  (I could have told them that…this baby is our biggest mover!)

Baby’s movements in limbs –  2/2

Practice breathing – 2/2 (Baby waited until the last 30 seconds of the ultrasound to show off this skill!)

Total – 8/8  Perfectly Healthy Baby!


My midwife was present for the ultrasound so she could ask all kinds of good questions.  She discovered that my placenta is still healthy and functioning and that Baby is measuring around 7 1/2lbs, putting it at about 38 weeks.  The sizing is not very accurate, but it does show that this, by no means, is a big baby.  This baby just needs to stay put.

After some more discussion my midwife thinks that we’re looking at a post-date baby for a very good reason.  One of the most plausible reasons is that my dates are off.  They’re not off by 2 weeks, by any means, but about 5 days.  That still makes me overdue.  Another reason is this baby reacted to the big trauma of losing my dad ~9 weeks gestation.  Babies are resilient, but that doesn’t mean they don’t react to things.  I know Dad’s death impacted me in big ways, why should I expect it to be any less for the person depending on me for life?

For those calling wondering if we had the baby yet and if I’m keeping the good news secret.  Know this:  I will be shouting from the mountain tops when this baby finally comes.  I’m not keeping it a secret from you 🙂  I’m a private person, just not that private.  

Thank you for your continued prayers.  


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