31 Aug

Our biggest one just turned five.  FIVE.  That means that I’ve been a parent for five years.  I’ve been the caregiver to a little Beauty for half a decade.  At the same time, how has it only been five years?  Wasn’t she this little slippery babe-placed on my belly-with a squishy face born a lifetime ago?  Was it really only five years ago.  She’s helped shape me into the woman I am.  She’s been a catalyst to so many soul-searching, depraved moments.  She’s drawn out of my heart sinful characteristics that hadn’t been exposed for 25 years.  But she’s been the source of incredible joy and many of the best moments of my life.  Oh, how I remember that sweet sound of her cry as she emerged from the womb.  Probably the most joyous sound I’ve ever heard or ever will–rivaled only by the sounds of the trumpets I will hear on That Day.

I am SO thankful for this little Beauty.  My Nut.  My Honey-Bunny.  My oldest “Little Goodpaster.”  My Hazel Marie.

She came into this world as a 7lb 20 inch little Nut.  A Hazelnut.  But she was always grand in my eyes.  The impact she’s leaving on my heart is so gigantic.

Hazel, you are a joy!  I delight in you.  I look forward to when you awake in the morning and come down the stairs in your princess jammies and your mane of hair all tousled from your night’s rest.

Ice cream for breakfast.  Just because.

Ice cream for breakfast in her jammies. Just because.

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