Loving the Sun and Heat

22 Jul

Our summer is blazing past.  We’re enjoying ourselves and exhausted at the end of the day.  It seems that I have to thrill seekers living under this roof.  They love to go go go and to do do do.  

Here’s a few snapshots from our summer.

Having fun on our Slip n Slide.  

This Slip n Slide is amazing.  It’s got three lanes and three boogies to go with it!  The kids enjoyed the boogies but they weren’t able to “slide” down the lanes like they were when Daddy helped them.  I anticipate this summer toy getting used for many more summers!


Having fun on the Slip n Slide


Hold on tight!

Excavating an ice block

We got  this idea here, and they original poster said it occupied her son for 2+ hours.  I wasn’t anticipating that sort of entertainment with our little rascals but they did enjoy it for a good 15 minutes.  We froze some dinosaurs, frogs, and other trinkets in and gave the kiddos a ball peen hammer and they went to town smashing their ice block.  Both kiddos had almost as much fun eating the ice chunks as they did smashing the block.  It must have been fun because both Hazel and Ambrose keep asking to do it again.  



I got the dinosaur!

Image Enjoying Water

On any given day you can find us in the backyard running through the sprinkler, splashing in the pool, down the street at the splash pool, running around the splash pad in Cottage Grove, or digging in the sand at the beach.  I personally love both the splash pad and the splash pool.  I can sit in the water too and let the kids loose.  The splash pad is especially nice because no matter where the kids are, I can always see them!




Enjoying the new splash Pad at Cottage Grove.


Ambrose loves to catch water in his bucket!

Berry Picking

Sam Kedem has a lovely farm down in Hastings.  It’s an organic, pesticide-free farm so you we know we’re getting wonderful produce.  We first went strawberry picking  with my girlfriend Shannon and her daughter Piper.  I think Ambrose had the most fun of all–he enjoyed running around outside stuffing his face full of berries he picked himself!  The kids had so much fun we returned a few days later to pick cherries, gooseberries, and currants.  The farm also has a chicken coop which the kids enjoyed greatly!

These pictures are courtesy of Shannon


Delighted in her strawberries


Ambrose locking the chickens in their coop



A belly profile so you can see I am growing!


Silly boy!



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