Summer Bucket List – 2013

21 Jun

Much like the past summers, I want to enjoy this summer without letting it slip by.  I want to be intentional about the same things as before

  • Enjoying my children and these little years
  • Meeting our neighbors
  • Feeding my family a nourishing Real Food diet
  • Most importantly I want to fall further in love with Jesus and His saving grace.  My standing before God does not depend on how intentional I am, how successful I am, or how many things we can cross off our bucket list.  I promise to not beat myself up when I don’t accomplish all of the activities on this list.

On the first day of our summer break I asked Hazel what she’d like to do this summer.  Here’s our list.

  1. Take a dog for a walk
  2. Play with water balloons ✓
  3. Go on a picnic with daddy ✓✓
  4. Pick berries ✓✓
  5. Go to the beach ✓✓✓✓
  6. Play with the 3 lane Slip n Slide✓✓
  7. Make sidewalk paint ✓✓✓✓
  8. Make lots of Popsicles ✓✓
  9. Travel the world
  10. Host an ice cream social ✓
  11. Excavate an ice block ✓✓
  12. Go to the splash pool ✓ (too many times to count!)
  13. Plant flowers ✓
  14. Play in the rain ✓
  15. Make our own bubbles
  16. Make ice cream dough ✓
  17. Play with sparklers ✓
  18. Make a river with foil
  19. Build our own sprinkler
  20. Play t-ball ✓
  21. Paint with ice  ✓✓✓
  22. Go to Canterbury ✓

What’s on your list for this summer?

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