Our Preschool Journey

24 May

Hazel’s preschool years have come to an end.  Yes, she is our first born, so these are the things we celebrate (or cry about).  Preschool has been a fantastic journey for our family.

All ready to graduate from preschool!

All ready to graduate from preschool!

For the past two years Hazel has attended Trinity Baptist Preschool and I would highly recommend it.  It is affordable.  Class sizes are small, meaning your child receives a lot of attention.  The children are exposed to so many fun things and the teachers welcome your child as part of their families.  Truly, they cared for Hazel like she was their own child, and that love and support extended to Ambrose and me!  (When my Dad died Hazel’s teachers made us several meals and drove Hazel home after school.  Talk about being loved!)

Why was preschool so good for Hazel?

*Hazel was exposed to functioning in a group–which if you’re homeschooling, public schooling, or what have you, is a critical skill to learn.  By having her in a group she is better able to follow my instructions at home.

*It established routine in our family.  Hazel knew which days were preschool days and looked forward to them and prepared for them.  Routine is good.

*Preschool has given her the foundational blocks to forming relationships with others.  Not every relationship she has will mirror how she interacts with her siblings (thank goodness!).  The Bible tells us that we are to have relationships with “outsiders,” and Hazel has now grown in confidence to have long-lasting relationships with others.

Playing outside with friends.

Playing outside with friends.

*It opened our family to the world of sensory activities.  I see the great benefit in these hands-on activities especially for a child like Ambrose.  Some of these activities are expensive to do at home, but Hazel was afforded the possibility to experience them.  Every fun preschool activity you see on Pinterest Hazel got to do, and she would tell us with great delight what she did at school each day!

writing in sand

writing in sand

*Preschool helped me, as Hazel’s parent, to understand the developmental milestones she is going through and how to encourage her to grow.  For instance, when Hazel began school in September, she just cried if she couldn’t get something she wanted.  (She is a girl after all).  Several weeks into the school year she began to use her words and explain what she wanted rather than to cry.  Preschool has also helped in developing her fine motor skills (pencil gripping, cutting with scissors, etc).

Practicing cutting

Much improvement with cutting

*Preschool has opened us to the hows and whys of learning.    I feel well-prepared for the next phase in educating my children.

Exploring seashells with a magnifying glass.

Exploring seashells with a magnifying glass.

Will we send Ambrose to preschool?  The plan today is yes, he will attend preschool in 2014.  He loved joining in Hazel’s activities and is bummed he’s too young for school next year.


Ambrose joining the fun!


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