God gives us a new name

16 May

Those of you who know Ambrose know him to be a wonderful, outgoing little boy…who throws some out-of-this world tantrums.  He’s volatile.



I love him with a passionate heart.  But my love is imperfect.  If he screams through the middle of the night, I’m tired and grumpy.  If he screams in the car I’m irritated.  If he screams in the store I’m embarrassed and annoyed.  These are not qualities of a perfect love.

But God’s love is perfect and unfailing.  His love is unconditional.  His love is relentless.  His love is beautiful.  His love is enough to fill in the gaps that my parenting leaves.   His love gives us a new identity.

When I call Ambrose “Mr. Crabby Pants,”  God calls him Delightful.  When I call him “Grump,” God calls him Joy.  When I call him “Ambrose David,”  God calls him “Beloved for Eternity.”


2 Responses to “God gives us a new name”

  1. Trish June 12, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    What a beautiful post, thank you for the reminder, as both a Mama and a child of God.

    • Mike and Becca June 13, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

      This is something God is reminding me of daily as I’m prone to believing lies and seeking to find my worth and adequacy in places aside from Him

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