Only in Minnesota

9 May

Only in Minnesota in May do we get a few inches of snow one day, more snow the next then three days later we’re out in our swimming suits.  Our spring was terrible.  I feel like I shoveled more in April than I had all winter.  The gray skies and the dreary weather matched my spirits, though I would have enjoyed some fun in the sun.


Snow on May 3.

After such a gross spring we celebrated the warmth only as Minnesotans do.   We pulled out our swimming suits and the hose and had ourselves a good ‘ole time.  I sprayed some shaving cream on our slide and let the kids have a go.  It really wasn’t as fun as it sounds.  I thought it would provide hours of entertainment and big poofy messes of shaving cream.  But the shaving cream wiped off the slide each time a kid slid down.  Eh, it was worth a try.


Getting ready for some messy fun!


Cleaning the slide with her bottom and some shaving cream.


Little man isn’t too sure what to think of it. He thinks it’s “messy”

But the Little Lady sure enjoyed getting a little messy.

But the Little Lady sure enjoyed getting a little messy.

Shaving cream is becoming one of our favorites.  It’s fairly easy to clean and the kids enjoy getting a little “messy.”  Try it out with your little ones!

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