A Day in the Life – Pizza

9 Feb

The kids and I have been decorating for Valentine’s Day.  Hazel knows that we celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day and especially how much we are loved.  We are loved by our family, friends, and by a relentless God.  We’ve been painting hearts, doing heart-shaped science experiments with borax, and hanging up decorations.  So hearts are on her mind.

We drove past Papa Murphy’s and saw that they have a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza for $7.  “Oooh, can we have a heart pizza?”  Sure, why not.  I brought both kiddos into Papa Murphy’s, bought our pizza, then left.  Out in the busy parking lot I asked Ambrose to hold my hand, and he flung himself down and threw a tantrum.  “If you’re not going to hold my hand, then I have to carry you.”  I picked him up and struggled back to the car, placed the pizza on the hood, and put both kiddos in.  After talking to Ambrose about his heart and behavior I got in the car and left.

That parking lot is a zoo.   Anyway, after I finally made it on the road I noticed some plastic wrap on my hood.  “Crap!  I forgot the pizza!”  Not remembering anything about physics, I hit my brakes to try to rescue the heart-shaped pizza.   It flew off the car and exploded on the street.

The kids saw this all happen and I hear from the back seat from my 2 year-old “Fly away pizza. All gone pizza.”  At this point I’m laughing so hard I can hardly breathe, and Ambrose sternly tells me to “Stop crying” (wonder where he got that from).  Sweet Hazel, concerned for her Valentine’s celebration, tells me we need to go rescue it from the street.  I tell her through tears, that our pizza got ran over.  I hear Ambrose again “Stop crying Momma.”  Isn’t he sweet?

Anyway, on his way home from work, Mike picked up another $7 heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  As he drove past he saw our run-over, mess of a pizza.   That night we watched Wheel of Fortune together and ate our $14 pizza.


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