Conversations with Hazel: What Makes a Good Mommy

5 Feb

Hazel:  Momma, you’re a good Mommy.


Conversations with Hazel


Momma:  Why’s that?  What makes me good?

Hazel:  I like it when you play with me.  And you love God.  That makes you a good Mommy.

Precious Hazel, these sweet words from your mouth are balm to my soul.  You’ve seen my heart.  A heart that loves the Lord and is rampantly pursuing Him and His will for our family.  You’ve seen past my brokenness and have peeked in at a consuming love I have for God!

I realized this morning that my first memories in life are from when I was Hazel’s age.  At 4 ½ she’ll carry these memories with her for the rest of her life.  I pray that she remembers a family that adores her, but more importantly adores God.

She’s right.  A good Mommy is one who loves God.  After all, He is the one who wrote the manual on parenthood. 

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