Conversations with Hazel: Pork

12 Dec

We were finishing up our dinner of venison tacos and talking about how the tacos came from the deer that daddy shot.  This brought up a conversation about where our meat comes from.

Mommy:  Hazel, what animal does pork come from?

Hazel:  Oooh!  I know!  I know!

Mommy:  Go ahead.

Hazel,confidently: Beaver.

Mommy:  Excuse me?  did you say ‘Beaver?”

Hazel:  Yeah, like the ones with the big front teeth that eat wood.  They turn into pork.

Oh, bless these Sweet Ones that put a smile on our faces.  She is so wonderful!


One Response to “Conversations with Hazel: Pork”

  1. jakemcguire December 15, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Out of the mouths of children!!

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