A Successful Day: Breath in our Lungs

12 Nov

Sometimes surviving the day is an accomplishment enough.  It doesn’t matter if we couldn’t accomplish 1 out of our 19 tasks on our daily to-do lists, it matters that we all have breath in our lungs.  Sometimes God requires us to be thankful for the big things.  Last week was one of those times.

Monday:  In an effort to be on time to parent-teacher conferences for Hazel, I got both kiddos dressed, fed, and ready to go an hour before we had to leave.  5 minutes before we left Ambrose dumped an entire 2.5lb bag of coffee on the kitchen floor and was eating the grounds.  The icing on the cake was he soiled his diaper as we were leaving the house.

Tuesday:   Someone thought it would be wonderful to wake before 5am.  I really dislike Daylight Savings.

Wednesday:  Marked Day 9 of a sinus headache for Mommy.  Since the GAPS diet I hadn’t had one headache, let alone a headache that lasted 9 days!

Thursday:  Locked my keys in the car right before I needed to pick Hazel up from school.  I still had a headache.  A trusted healthcare provider suggested I schedule myself for an MRI based on my symptoms.  I was scared.  (No MRI was necessary).

Friday:  Pretty decent day!

Saturday:  Ambrose drank Eucalyptus Essential Oil and I made my third call to Poison Control.  Surprisingly, drinking an Essential Oil is more dangerous than drinking latex paint.  This almost warranted a trip to the ER.  After monitoring him, we realized that he just dumped most of the oil into our coffee pot.

At the end of the week, I was so thankful to the Lord that Ambrose, and the rest of us, all have breath in our lungs and life in our bodies.  Keeping the Little Ones alive is a huge success.  Well done all you Moms who have met the physical needs of your children!

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