September at our House

6 Oct

I almost titled this “September on Dodd Road,”  but remembered we’ve since moved.  Our street name doesn’t make a fun title, so we’ll go with “September at our House.”  Boring.  Simple.

We rang in the month celebrating Hazel’s 4th birthday.  After the 4th of July she requested a “Flag” birthday party.  She loved all the American hoopla so much that she wanted to savor it again for her birthday.  It was a great time to open up our new house to our family and a few friends.

Star Spangled Cake

Painting fun



We’re just trying to find our rhythm as Hazel began school this month.  Over the summer we enjoyed a laid back routine, now we’re finding more structure is needed to our days and weeks in order to fit everything in and be on time.  I trust that we’ll find our rhythm.


Other tidbits:

  • We cooked up 15lbs of pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches, and it was seriously delicious.  You can expect to eat our southern style pulled pork for our next get-together.
  • Tried to make pumpkin spice latte in the crockpot, and it was awful.  Really, really disgusting.  I served it to a friend coming over for a playdate, and it was embarrassing.  Blech.
  • Been dreaming in Benjamin Moore paint colors as I fret over choosing the perfect color to paint our built-in cabinet, tv stand, and an end table.  I’m 0/4 in picking the *right* color.  But at the end of the day, none of this really matters.




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