Been home for one month

26 Sep

We’ve been at our new house for one month now.  Some days it feels like home, other days it feels like we’re living in a rental in such need of color and touches of “home.”  Nonetheless, we love it here and we’re happy.  Here are a few stats from our first month off of Dodd Road.

2.  Trips made to Ikea

5.  Gallons of paint primer used

6.  Times in one afternoon that I opened the basement door just in awe that we had a basement (and a door to it rather than a hatch in the floor).

12.  Ounces of dish soap used.  This is pretty amazing considering I used an entire 24 oz bottle every other week on Dodd Road.  I love having a dishwasher!

18.  Windows needing new blinds and/or curtains.

41.  Pieces of quarter round Mike re-installed in the house.  The previous owners removed the quarter round from the rooms in which they refinished the wood floor, but left the quarter round in the bedrooms.  Mike removed the quarter round in the bedrooms because we put carpet in there, and he installed the quarter round on the bare wood floors.  Much better!


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