Shoes are meant to get dirty

18 Sep

Hazel started preschool last week.  It’s a little harder than last year to get her to school.  We have a longer, busier drive; Hazel is very particular about what she wants to wear; and Ambrose (I don’t feel I have to elaborate on that last point…he’s Ambrose!).

The first day of school Hazel was incredibly excited.  She was so excited that she woke up and got herself dressed before coming downstairs…for the first time ever!

Here’s what she picked out. She picked up on the one shoulder trend. Like it?

The evening before school began, we had picked out a cute “First day of school” outfit, and she refused to change into it.  We had the same battle on Thursday morning before school.  She did not want to wear anything I suggested!  But, she did want to wear her new pair of canvas shoes.  It had rained the day before so I knew the playground was muddy.  She didn’t care.  Finally, I just let her wear the new shoes.

I “chop-chopped” the kids out the door.  Drove Hazel to school.  “Momma, my tummy hurts.  I want to go home.”  So we got back in the car.  Drove home.  Got out of the car.  And Hazel got to the back door and vomited all over her new shoes.

At least they didn’t get muddy.

What a sweet lesson to me to simply let her be.  Shoes are meant to get dirty.  Clothes are meant to be worn.  Outfits become favorites if the kiddos pick them out themselves.

I’m so thankful to my kids for teaching me how to let things go and to simply enjoy them.

Another school year off to a good start.


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