Mishaps in Home Improvements

11 Sep

Let’s say, hypothetically, if you happened to call Poison Control because your son drank latex paint, the operator would be very comforting to you.   She would assure you that it is a relatively common occurrence and that latex paint (though it’s PAINT) is pretty harmless.  All right, this isn’t hypothetical.  Ambrose really did take a mouth-full of latex paint, and the Poison Control operator was wonderfully assuring.

In the first weeks of remodeling our new house the kiddos and I would visit Mike and bring him supper.  One day we came after Mike and a friend had painted the dining room.   Mike had done a great job cleaning up the drop cloths, the paint brushes, and the paint trays, but he saved a Red Solo cup filled with paint so he could touch up the walls later.  Well, Ambrose knows red Solo cups to contain water or juice, so he picked it up and drank it.  Yikes!  I’m sure he didn’t swallow any because he was so surprised by the unpleasant taste of latex paint.

After all was said and done, Ambrose slept well and had no side effects from painting the inside of his mouth a lovely shade of Beach by Eddie Bauer.

The Kids are done with Lowes and home improvements

In all seriousness, it was a really scary occurrence.  We clean with all natural cleaners (ie, vinegar and water) and keep other poisons far, far, far out of reach from the kiddos, so “drinking” paint was a whole new exposure to toxins.

Other Home Improvements went fairly well.  We seemed to run into so many problems in the paint department and now are forever fans of Benjamin Moore paint and the fine folks that run Hirschfield’s.

This Primer didn’t do it’s job on the wall, though it did cover the carpet padding quite nicely.  Hirschfield’s came to the rescue with Aqua Lock.

We were tremendously blessed with a few faithful friends that helped us paint, put up lattice on the porch, clean, and do anything else we asked them to do.  Mike’s cousin Kenny was a HUGE help to us as he stayed for a week to address any major issues we had with the house and lift a giant claw-foot tub.  Granny came many weekends to help with the kiddos—we certainly couldn’t have accomplished much without her help.  After this whole process of Making a House a Home I think one word describes our experience:  Overwhelmed.  We are overwhelmed with the many blessings God has given us through a new home and our friends and family!!

Grandpa Joe priming a closet

Wonderful friends helping us move!

One Happy 2nd-time Home Buyer–Overwhelmed with gratitude!

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