Good-bye Dodd Road

25 Aug

Dear Dodd Road House,

Young pups moving in.

Young Pups working on the house

You’ve been a pretty good house to us.  You’ve faithfully kept us safe for 6+ years.  You’ve provided us with a roof over our heads, four walls to shield us from the weather, warmth (sort of), and protection.

It’s hard to say good bye to you.  We started the Goodpaster family here in your walls—geez o’ peets, Ambrose was born inside these walls!   We began our married life here—we returned from our quick honeymoon getaway to the chaos of our “cracker box house.”  Our kids learned to walk, talk, and explore here.  You are part of our family, Dodd Road house.

You’ve provided us with great entertainment over the years.  Countless hours and dollars spent beautifying you.  Many interesting people walking down your street.  Heartbreaking stories coming from the drug house next door.  New, wonderful neighbors.

This is hard.

But we need to remember the ways in which you’re not working out anymore.  You have two bedrooms, and our family has grown since we moved in.  You have a hazardous basement in which Ambrose is determined to fall.  You are not insulated from the winter cold and summer heat.   You don’t have your own driveway, and sometimes sharing a driveway with the neighbors scares us when the little goobers are outside playing—who knows when someone will fly up the driveway with no regard for Hazel and Ambrose.   You just aren’t right for us anymore.

Good bye Dodd Road.

Home no more.

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