Knocking ’em off

10 Jul

We are certainly tackling our bucket list this summer.  Here’s a little update on the fun we’ve been having.

The kiddos and I went to our favorite coffee shop, Amore Coffee one hot afternoon for a smoothie.  They picked mango.  It wasn’t my favorite, but, hey, that’s not what matters.  They loved it.  Hazel drank hers like a gracious little lady while Ambrose blew bubbles in his and filled the place with his cackles and laughs.   Hazel then joined in on the fun.

The following day we visited Mike at work for lunch.  It’s so fun to break up the day with a visit to Daddio.  It certainly makes my day!

Yesterday Hazel and Ambrose covered our patio and sidewalk with their artwork.  We made sidewalk paint from cornstarch and food coloring.  It was a good ole messy time.  I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon!

They’re not too sure what to think of the paint yet

We’ve been to the splash pool a handful of times, checked off a trip to the beach, fishing, picking berries, lighting fireworks (okay, we did sparklers and Snaps), and planting flowers.

It’s been fun, and it’s only the beginning of July!


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