June on Dodd Road

5 Jul

June was a great month.  It’s summer, so life speeds up and slows down simultaneously.  We have more house project to do and more social gatherings to attend.  On the other hand, we have more trips to the beach, lazy days outside in the kiddie pool, and more daylight to enjoy it all.  And we’ve been enjoying it all.

Meeting Daddy at work for lunch

Mike’s been busy prepping, staining, and installing a banister for the top of our stairs.  When we first bought our house the very first project we planned and bought materials for, was the banister.  Somehow the banister just never made it to the top of the priority list…until now.

Hazel started her first soccer league in June.  It’s a pretty informal league that meets on the West Side of St. Paul, and it’s a perfect fit for our family.  All of us are developing connections in our neighborhood, and Hazel’s having a fantastic time.  At this point she’s learning to listen to her coach and not touch the ball…both of those things are incredibly challenging for a 3 year-old.   At the first meeting we got rained on halfway through.  The rain came down really hard and scared both kiddos.  Hazel kept yelling that the rain hurt and that it was getting dirt in her eyes.

Ready for Soccer!

Hazel also got to go fishing for the first time with her Daddy.  They didn’t catch anything, but I have a feeling it will just be the start to a lifelong love of fishing with her Dad.

Fishing in style

Ambrose had a really great month.  He is a water-baby just like his sister (really, though, what kid isn’t?).  Recently he hit some sort of threshold, and has begun talking.  He had a few words before, but he hadn’t reached that point where he was learning a few words a day.  Currently, he knows about 12 words—Momma, Daddy, (he’s working on saying Hazel), off, hot, apple, jump, down, and a few others.  But the biggest change of all with him is that he can sit through an entire book.  Honestly, he wouldn’t sit with a book for more than 2 seconds.  But, now he likes books so much he takes one in his crib with him, he’ll climb up on Hazel’s bed with a book and pretend to read (upside down), and he grabs them for me to read all the time.  He’s a little harsh with them though—many of our board books are torn to pieces now.

Just lounging on the stairs with my favorite book “Quack, Quack.”

And me.  I just started a Beth Moore Bible Study with some women from our house church.  We’re doing her Psalms of Ascent study, and it’s been good.  Beth has such a way of bringing God’s Word to life.


Blessings from this Month:

  • Hazel was able to spend some time at Granny’s…by herself!
  • We traveled to Becca’s family for a wedding.  This was the first time in over a year that everyone was together.  It was such a blessing to spend time with Johanne and Nick.
  • The kid’s got to swim at an indoor waterpark
  • Becca’s Mom treated her to a morning at the salon.  I felt like a queen!
  • I am off the GAPS diet with no ill effects except for gaining weight!

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