Making Summer Count

20 Jun

Summer is such a sweet time of year.  It’s certainly my favorite season!  The temperatures are hot, kids are out of school, and neighbors come out to talk and play.  I live for summer.

As Hazel is getting older and is perceptive about most things, I want to make this summer count.  I want to make these months memorable and significant.   I want my kids to look forward to this time of year.

Life’s looking to shake up real soon so I want to take some time out of our hectic lives and make this summer fun for our family.  I’ve seen several “Summer Bucket Lists” around Blog Land, so I decided to make one of our own.

Hazel and I came up with 17 fun activities to do this summer to promote family unity, enjoying life, and serving together.  I water-colored some pictures on index cards and strung them up by the dining table.  Hazel looks at the cards in the morning and picks something fun for us to do.  Each time we do something on our bucket list we’ll put a sticker on the card.  I fully anticipate having a dozen stickers on the “Go to the Beach” card.

Summer Bucket List

1. Take a doggy for a walk

2. Host an ice cream social

3. Go to the beach

4. Drink Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade

5. Go to the Splash Pool

6. Go fishing

7.  Camp in the backyard

8.  Have a picnic with Daddy at Lake DiaSorin

9.  Take a trip to the farm

10.  Plant flowers

11.  Watch fireworks

12.  Pick berries

13.  Go to the zoo

14.  Make side walk paint

15.  Walk to Amore Coffee and enjoy a smoothie

16.  Have a water balloon “fight”

17.  Play in the rain

What’s on your summer bucket list?


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