One girl. One boy.

7 May

When I was pregnant with Ambrose and out and about with Hazel in tow, strangers would comment “Oh, I bet you hope you’re having a boy.”  At the time I was secretly longing for another girl—a little girl for Hazel to play with.  I grew up with a younger sister and I never wished she was a boy—I loved having my sister as my best friend.  Anyway, it seemed to me that people wanted one of each gender.  I still get comments along the lines “One girl.  One boy.  Your family’s complete.”  That’s for the Lord to decide.

Ambrose is not a little girl.  He is very much a little boy.  And I love it.

The other day I was out talking with a friend and the kiddos were running around the backyard.  Hazel was picking up a large bouquet of dandelions.  “Momma, aren’t these yellow flowers pretty?”  And Ambrose picked up a rock and started smacking it with a stick.  I loved how they were both outdoors and each found something to do that spoke to his/her interests.  I love seeing how God designed us differently.  Male and female.  The genders are different, and it’s so beautiful.



One Response to “One girl. One boy.”

  1. Mom May 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    yes indeed and I love your insight on this. Love, Mom

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