March on Dodd Road

8 Apr

Wow, we’re only updating this blog often enough to include a monthly update.  One of these days we’ll write more frequently—these are not those days.

March was difficult.


We are still sharing our one vehicle as Mike continues to look for another dependable car to get him to and from work.  Used vehicles are surprisingly rare and the few that are out there are pricey.  Last year we sold my 2002 Sentra and now a comparable Sentra (same year and miles) costs more than we sold ours for!  So we’re praying for the right vehicle to come along.

And during the month I struggled with some health issues related to going gluten free.  Removing gluten from my diet completely opened the flood gates to some auto-immune issues.  During my worst days I had thrush, a nasty fungal rash on my feet, my brain felt like someone had wrapped it in plastic wrap, and I lost vision in one of my eyes.  It was bad.  I cut out all grains and sugar (including fruit) and felt better in 2 days.  After taking the conventional medicine route and being told these symptoms were in my head, I went to a naturopath.  He validated my conditions and recommended the GAPS diet.

So in the coming months I will embark on a “crazy” temporary diet to heal my gut and restore health to my and Ambrose’s life.  You can expect several updates on this journey to healing.

Hazel just loves life.  At church each weekend she just dances her heart out during the worship songs.  It is so amazing to watch her praise her god in such a tangible way.  She is also learning to write out her name, draw people, and count to 100.  Her capacity to learn is so amazing.   One of her favorite activities is to recite the names of the streets we drive on—“Momma, we’re on Dodd Road!”


Putting her to work.

And Ambrose has been such a delightful stinker this month.  Since our diet change he is doing remarkably well.  He is all smiles, all the time!  Well, he still gets cranky and has the typical toddler tantrums.  He continues to demonstrate his Danger-Man abilities.  He is particularly fond of climbing on top of our dining table and then not-so-gracefully getting down.  He always is sporting a bruise.  I once learned that the Dutch version of Ambrose is spelled Ambroos and that a common nickname is Broos or “Bruise.”  I think the nickname is quite fitting for our little Immortal Man.

Praise the Lord for such beautiful spring weather to get us through the month.  His mercies never cease!

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