February on Dodd Road

2 Mar

February was interesting.  We have been extremely challenged and incredibly blessed.

Since the beginning of the year our family has been attending a new church in our neighborhood.  We felt called to put down roots in our neighborhood and be involved in true community.  What a blessing Twin Cities Church has been.  We both have felt, through this church, God urging us into a deeper, stronger relationship with Him.

During the month I also discovered that I am extremely sensitive to gluten.  After eating a pasta dish I broke out in a blistery rash indicative of Celiac’s disease and became very bloated.  After one week of being gluten-free I felt incredible–I had more energy than I had in a long while, my insomnia disappeared, and my digestive health was great.  Currently I’m not feeling as great, and it’s discouraging.  I know it will be a long path to healing, but I am willing to put in the effort to feel better.

This month we also became a One-Car family.  Mike’s car had an irreparable engine failure.  Being without a car, Mike has needed to rely on others to get to and from work.  It’s been a humbling experience for him, which he is handling with incredible grace.    A few days our whole family has driven him to work and has enjoyed the extra time with Daddy.  The 50 mile round-trip to Stillwater has given me a renewed appreciation for Mike and the work he does to provide for our family.  What a man!

Hazel is growing like a weed and has a new love for eating spinach.  She says that spinach will help her grow stronger.

Ambrose is now 16 months old and loves music.  Anytime he sees someone pick up a guitar he gets so excited!  He and his big sister have daily dance parties, in which they giggle and dance.  He’s really taken a liking to his sister.


Blessings from this month:

  • Getting to celebrate Granny’s birthday with her
  • Mike got a promotion
  • The auto shop did not charge us a dime to look at Mike’s car
  • Many people from our church offered to provide rides and help as we search for another car
  • Mike was able to sell his car on Craigslist to the first guy who looked at it (which never happens with Craiglist!)
  • Mike was able to sell his boat on Craigslist to a very pleasant man.  He also was the first to show interest in the boat
  • A couple from church offered to watch our kids on two occasions so that we could go out on a date.  One time they even brought over dinner which we enjoyed together before our date
  • Mike and I have an extra hour to spend together on days I take him to work
  • Hazel celebrated her half birthday at preschool and she even got handmade cards from her classmates
  • We’ve been staying so warm thanks to Mike and the pellet stove


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