How is Ambrose Feeling?

30 Jan

In the past we have mentioned some struggles with Ambrose’s health.  Many of his struggles pointed to a casein intolerance (a protein found in dairy food).

Becca eliminated all dairy products from her diet while nursing Ambrose and was slow to introduce any dairy into his diet.  After much research about gut health we decided to delay introducing grains into his diet until his body is able to produce amylase (a digestive enzyme allowing for the break down of grains).   Amylase is produced around the time that molars come in.

We are happy to report that Ambrose is doing very well.  His gut is healthy and he is happy.  He is gaining weight, having fun toddling around, and overall a delightful little guy.

Big smiles from this guy!

Toddling in the background! (and Yes, Hazel did write her name herself)

Ambrose is such a clown!

We are blessed!


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