Book Review: The Mission of Motherhood

26 Jan
The Mission of Motherhood

The Mission of Motherhood

I picked up this book at the recommendation of a lady I met at the park.  She noticed I was frazzled as my baby was shoving wood chips in his mouth and Hazel was yelling at the boy on the swing, telling him it was her turn now.  The woman kindly stated that this book changed her perception on Motherhood.

I’m so glad I read this book.

Sally Clarkson puts in words everything I have felt called to do in my mission as a mother.  She lays out God’s design for motherhood and the ways she nurtures her four children.  At times it can seem overwhelming the qualities she tries to instill in her children, however it is never burdensome.  She begins her book stating that we, as mothers, should do the best we can with our children and trust the Lord to fill in the gaps.

Sally Clarkson has inspired me to search the Scriptures for what the Lord says about parenting and the role of Mother.  God designed motherhood to be a deeply meaningful and life-giving role.  Being a career Mom is not a popular position these days, but through Scripture Sally is very convincing in her compassion and clarity.

She divides the book into four sections.  A Mother’s Calling, A Mother’s Heart for Her God, A Mother’s Heart for Her Children, and A Mother’s Heart for Her Home.

There is so much wisdom in this book, and I highly recommend it to any woman—a young, single woman, a mother, or a grandmother.

Some notable quotes from The Mission of Motherhood.

“If the mother who gave her children life is not willing to do what it takes to provide security, love, protection, instruction, and stability for her own children, then who will be willing to do so?  Many will be orphans in a crowded world, longing for the security they were supposed to find in their own family.”

“I’m called to give up my rights simply out of my love for Jesus (emphasis mine).”

“Though children are rightly told to honor their parents, it is certainly easier to honor those parents who have shown honor to their own children by doing what it takes to build a relationship.”

“Though cultural storms attack violently each day, a solid Christian home can be a protective fortress, a haven of peace for all who live there.  Those inside its walls are protected, nurtured, and nourished in body, heart, mind and soul.  Such homes need a director, guardian, and a caretaker, which is what God had in mind when he designed the role of mother.”

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