We spend a lot of time together.

25 Jan

“One of the lies that has been promulgated is that you don’t need quantity time with your children, you need quality time.” -Mark Driscoll


We do have a lot of quality time together here in the Goodpaster household.  It’s wonderful.  Mike and I are taking the mission of parenthood seriously and are showing our children that they deserve the lion’s share of our time.  In all honestly, though, it’s difficult.  Some days I really don’t want to play another game of Chutes and Ladders or shield a tantruming toddler from another forehead gash.  Sometimes I just want to stroll around Target or the Mall of America.  Sometimes I just want to spend hours on the computer.  And I will do these things at times, but first I check my heart.  Am I honoring the Lord in my calling as a shepherd of little hearts?




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