Happy Birthday Sweet Hazel

31 Aug

It’s hard to believe that you are three!  Where has the time gone?

I remember the day you were born so clearly.  You were such a peanut, and it was hard to imagine you’d ever outgrow your newborn clothes.  But, here you are.  Three.  You are growing up so fast.

Our Frog Princess!

At 3 Years Old:

  • You still love frogs and sleep with “Daddy Frog” and “Kiwi Frog.”  You have 3 frog blankets, a frog backpack, a frog purse, 30 frogs that squirt water, frog scissors, a frog squirt gun, a frog nightlight, and many, many other frog related items.
  • You have never had your hair cut
  • Tacos, grapes, and pancakes are your favorite foods
  • You’ll do anything for a treat
  • You give us hugs and say “I love my Daddy.”  “I love my Mommy.”
  • Your favorite song is “You Just Gotta Know” by Lecrae.  You pull out your best dance moves to this song.
  • You love your brother dearly and hate to see him upset.  If he’s crying you giggle at him and yell “Yogurt Man” and try to get him to laugh, but if that fails, you scream at him.  You just don’t want him to cry.
  • Your least favorite color is orange

One last day in the pool together.


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