An Anniversary Rescheduled

4 Aug

We weren’t thinking when we chose a wedding date.  Two days before the 4th of July seemed like a great day to get married.  As great as any.

Celebrating our anniversary over the 4th of July weekend means that it’s a little difficult for us to find a babysitter.  So with hopes we could find a sitter, we made plans for this anniversary.  Cancelled our plans due to no babysitter.  Made plans again because we found sitters for 2 nights.  Changed our plans.  Cancelled plans again.  And made new plans.

Plan #1:

Weekend escape at Rivertown Inn.  We stayed here on our wedding night and have returned on three more occasions.  It’s truly an amazing place!

After canceling our reservations we found sitters for Friday and Saturday evening!  Whoo-hoo!

Plan #2:

Go to Canterbury Park for live horse racing.   Apparently Canterbury is state government funded so they had to close during Minnesota’s government shut-down.

Plan #3:

Mini golfing and dinner.

As we’re preparing to leave and get the kiddos squared away our power shuts off.  This happens every time the weather gets above 95°.  We have 3 window air conditioners running, our whole neighborhood has their units running, so the power goes off.  The last time this happened it took Xcel 4 or 5 hours to get our power back on, and our upstairs bedrooms are over 90°.   Well our kids can’t sleep in this heat.

Plan #4:

We cancelled our babysitter, packed up, and took the kids to Embassy Suites.  Or as Hazel says: We went to Iowa.  Embassy Suites is great for our family because they have the two separate rooms.  Ambrose sleeps in the room with us in his Pack n’ Play , and Hazel uses the pullout couch in the main area.

We had a blast.  Hazel was delighted to be at the h0tel.  She got to eat popcorn, waffles for breakfast, watch the ducks inside the atrium, and go swimming.  We were so excited to be in air conditioning and with our family!

Daddy and Hazel eating some snacks

Daddy and Hazel going swimming!

We woke up on our anniversary enjoyed the free breakfast and went down to the riverfront for a historic cruise along the Mississippi.  We spent some time in the sun and learned about our city.  Fun!

Our beauty!

Plan #4 Re-do:

I mentioned we had a second sitter arranged, so Mike and I took advantage of an evening out by ourselves and headed to the Mall of America where we could eat dinner and play mini golf.

Mike chose to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp.  Romantic, I know.  While we were eating I see a man behind Mike turn red in the face and sign that he’s choking.  Someone rushed over to him and started doing the Heimlich maneuver.   The man signaled that he was fine and returned to his meal.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have been able to eat.  Ever again.  I would be scared I would choke on my shrimp.  But that man and his wife had no problems staying and finishing their meal.

We finished eating and walked over to Moose Mountain for a competitive round of mini golf.  We’re both really good golfers.  It’s only one stroke if the ball is still moving, right?  That’s what I thought.  Anyway, the girl at the counter was very clear that they were already closed.  We close at 8.  It’s 8:45.  We stopped letting people in an hour ago.  You’re too late.  We’re closed.  So, no mini golfing.

On the car ride back home Mike had told me “I’m really glad that man did not die tonight.”  Yep, me too.  That was terrifying. 

We had a really fantastic weekend celebrating our anniversary.  It was blissful to have the man I love home from work for 4 days in a row!  Nothing but family time for four. whole. days.  I think it’s been my favorite anniversary celebration yet!  And no one died!

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