Being Intentional this Summer

22 Jun

Since summer officially began yesterday I don’t feel as if I’m too terribly behind in mentioning my goals for this summer.

I’m not certain if summer has always been my favorite season, but it certainly has been for as long as I can remember.  I have fond memories of walking to the library in the sweltering heat for story time on Mondays and going to the outdoor pool the rest of the week.  When it stormed it was a perfect excuse to sit inside and watch Beauty and the Beast or Perry Mason and drink hot cocoa (it’s a summer drink, right?).   I want my kids to have a deep love for this season and look forward to our summers together.

It’s too easy to let time fly by, so I want to take time to enjoy  this season–both the season of summer and the season in which my children are little.

This summer I’m going to be intentional about:

  • Enjoying my children
  • Meeting my neighbors
  • Feeding my family Real Food
  • Developing a love for God’s Word

I realize that these goals may be accomplished during any season of the year, but why not start this summer.


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