It’s been a Love Hate Relationship for 5 years

16 Jun

We have had a love-hate relationship for five years.

No, I’m not talking about my marriage to Mike, but our home ownership.  We closed on our house 5 years ago today.  Looking back I wish we would have made several different decisions in purchasing our first home (like buying a home we could grow into, signing a 15-year mortgage, finding a home with insulation, etc.), but overall I’m pleased to be where we are.

Welcome to our house. 2006.

I enjoy that Mike picked this home out.  While I was busy planning our wedding, he was busy finding us a home to live in.

I enjoy the memories shared of our early days in this house.  I fondly remember painting our bedrooms upstairs until midnight then driving back to my house across town.  *Funny story* After painting the first night I got lost on the way out of our neighborhood and drove past a cop several times.  He pulled me over and asked what I was doing.  I told him I was going home but I didn’t know where I was.  He didn’t quite understand how I could be lost in my own neighborhood.  Neither did I…

I loved our first summer here.  We slept in the living room while we remodeled our upstairs.  We ripped up tree stumps with the truck and a chain, while I wore cut off jeans and a wife beater (classy).  We played games out on the patio because it was way too hot inside our house–I remember it exceeding 90° inside.  Do you remember the summer of 2006?  We had several 100+° days.   I used to lay on the concrete outside to cool off.

I enjoy watching this house accommodate more and more people (and the stuff that comes with these little people) as we add to our family.

I enjoy that Ambrose was born in this house!

I enjoy that God has us in this neighborhood.  I pray that He uses us in big ways to reach to the broken and the lonely in this neighborhood.

This house is home to us.

Goodpaster Household - Established 2006


One Response to “It’s been a Love Hate Relationship for 5 years”

  1. Karin June 23, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Becca – I love this post. I love where God has brought you – to a place of loving and finding contentment with where you are in life. God will continue to bless your family and His plan is always greater than we could ever dream or imagine : )

    Love you,
    KB : )

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