Happy Birthday Mike

27 May

Happy birthday to my Beloved.

I remember the first time I celebrated your birthday.  I had just met you 2 months prior, but I was giddy to call you to wish you a splendid day.  The next year for your birthday I cooked dinner for you, and while enjoying our meal together, my chair broke out from under me.  We just about peed our pants laughing.  The year after that we celebrated in New Orleans.  You took me into a gay bar, and I watched the panic spread on your face when you realized where we were.  Each year since I have been delighted to spend May 27 celebrating the day our Creator breathed air into your lungs.

Your birthday is such a gift to me!

You're a good Daddy!

One Response to “Happy Birthday Mike”

  1. Mom May 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    This touches me deeply to see how you feel about someone who makes you happy and whole. I feel blessed that you have found each other and glad that Mike is in my son-in-law. Mom ;);)

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