Blessed weekend

23 May

Let me just relish in my weekend again.

It was fantastic.

Friday night was date night at home with Mike.  We put the kiddos to bed, enjoyed some leftovers, and watched a couple episodes of HBO’s Rome.  I’m not too crazy about the series Rome, but it’s fascinating to see what the culture was like when Jesus lived here on earth.

Then Saturday my lovely sister and her fantastic hubby came from Des Moines to visit.  We just saw them last weekend for Johanne’s graduation from Drake, but to see them a week later was not soon enough.  I miss the days of living in the same house as Johanne–I love her deeply and could never see enough of her!  In one week she and Nick will be moving to North Carolina, and I’m counting down the days until we can go and visit them.

Anyway, Nick and Johanne came for a visit and allowed Mike and I to leave during nap time to go test drive a new (to us) vehicle.  We’ve been eying up a Ford Taurus X for a few months now but haven’t actually driven it yet.   So, we took it for a spin and loved it!  Now, we’re just waiting for the right deal.

Then Mike surprised me with a date night away from home.  Yes, I got to leave for the night!  We went a swanky hotel and ate dinner there.  When we got back to our room Mike told me there were more surprises.  What!?  I was already more surprised than the day we got engaged!  He arranged for room service to bring us some chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne.  We enjoyed our treats while watching True Grit on Pay Per View.  Then I slept through the night.

Sunday morning we got up, read some Bible, and went to breakfast at a local diner.  We have not yet been to Capital View Cafe, but we will be back!  I much prefer a local business to a chain restaurant, and this place was no exception.

Mike and I came home to a happy Hazel and Ambrose and an even happier Uncle Nick and Auntie Jo.  Things went smoothly on the home front while we were gone, and Uncle Nick even bought Dilly Bars for his niece.  He is officially the “cool uncle.”

Ambrose and his cool Uncle Nick.

I feel loved, refreshed, and well fed.  I had a blessed weekend.  Thank you.


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