She’s a Sponge

7 May

Hazel’s such a sponge.  She has been for a while now, but I’m just now realizing how much so.

  • The other day I muttered that she was driving me crazy.  She smiled and said “No. Nuts.”  Wow, how many times have I told her she drives me nuts?
  • She repeats everything we say.  This really teaches us to watch what we say.
  • While brushing her teeth she usually just sucks the toothpaste off her toothbrush and we call it success, but lately she’s been copying us right down to banging the toothbrush on the sink.  You know, when you rinse your toothbrush off and you bang it on the sink to get it dry.
  • Ambrose has even been her subject matter.  Hazel copies the way Ambrose plays on the floor, bangs toys, sits in the bumbo, practices “yoga.”
  • After reading her books we often catch her in an odd stance–like standing on one foot with the other foot and her arms in the air.  Only after reading her book again do we realize that she’s imitating the characters in her books.
  • Hazel has a US state puzzle that she’s been working on.  She can put the puzzle together herself–all 50 states…and identify each state.
  • My favorite.  I have been singing to her “Christ the Solid Rock”  since she was a wee baby.   I sing it in the car, while brushing her hair, while comforting her after a consequence.  Just a few weeks ago I caught her singing “…Jesus’ blood and righteousness”  She knows all the words!

Hazel and Grandma Patt

Now that’s what I call a sponge!

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