Who’s The Dude

4 Apr

Just 6 months ago we were awaiting the arrival of our baby.  We were anxious to meet our little son or daughter.  It’s hard to remember back to when we were just a family of three.  Ambrose is a joy and we love having him in our family.

Ambrose is very smiley

The Dude gives some killer smiles!  You just need to make eye contact with him, and he will give you a smile that will melt your heart.  One morning he woke up a little earlier than we hoped, so I tried to nurse him back to sleep.  He foiled my plans by busting out his toothless grin and cute baby babble.  How can you resist a little boy that delights in seeing his Momma first thing in the morning!  Ah, joy!

Mr. Smiley

Ambrose is patient

Obviously.  This guy was 12 days overdue!  He is pretty content with waiting to eat, having his diaper changed, and receiving attention when his big sister is around.  When waking from his naps he lays in his crib (“talking” to himself) and waits for me to come get him–He doesn’t often cry upon waking.  Ambrose just has a calm demeanor.


That's okay. I don't really need my own space.

However, he isn’t so patient when it comes time to sleep.  He gets very fussy, screechy, and grabby.

Ambrose is Mr. Grabby-Grab

I don’t remember this with Hazel, but Ambrose likes to hold on to things…tightly.  He’s like a predator.  If something, anything, is near to him he reaches out and grabs tightly.  He has grabbed onto our fingers, sweatshirt strings, Hazel’s hair, our noses, Mike’s neck, and then he doesn’t let go.  Now that he has discovered his feet and can put them in his mouth, we always find him with a sock in his mouth.  He always takes his socks off!  He is a grabby-grab Man.

Grabbing at Hazel.

Ambrose is a great sleeper (Hallelujah!)

Long gone are the days of 45-minute stretches of sleep.  Praise the Lord!  Ambrose now sleeps from 6:00pm-6:30am.  Occasionally he will wake once around 4:00am or so, eat, and go back to sleep.  He is also a pretty good napper and never cries himself to sleep.  We simply put him down in his crib and he goes to sleep.  (This is very new to us after Hazel would need to nurse into a comatose state or cry herself to sleep for 2 hours).  Sleep is a very, very good thing.

Ambrose is quirky!

This boy gives us so many laughs and smiles–we think he is just hilarious!   He doubles over backwards to look at whoever is holding him, the ceiling light, or fan.  He likes to breathe a creepy sound directly into my ear.  As mentioned he likes to grab–He often grabs my nose and pulls it to his mouth.   He always scratches at the mesh in his pack ‘n play which makes an interesting alarm clock.  He always spits up on himself in his carseat.

Pink diaper. Navy socks.

Goodness, we love Ambrose!


One Response to “Who’s The Dude”

  1. Dad April 15, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    I love this little Dude!

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