Sharing a Room

26 Mar

For a few nights we have put the two kids in the same room.  Hazel is in her big girl bed (and has been for a few months) and Ambrose is in the crib.

Napping in the Big Girl Bed

They both get their baths after dinner, get their jammies on, we read a book, Ambrose nurses, we pray for the two kiddos, and each goes to his/her respectful bed.  Hazel then spends the next hour talking about frogs, books, and her baby brother sleeping in her room.  Ambrose spends that same hour fidgeting and playing with his pacifier until he falls asleep.  Then all is quiet on the western front…for a little.

Things have gone well from bedtime until about midnight, when Ambrose wakes up.  He cries and she yells at him.  Both are inconsolable by the time it takes one of us to roll out of bed and make it to their room.  Ambrose then spends the rest of the night with us.

We probably will keep him in our room for a few more weeks until he is regularly sleeping through the night.  We’ve found that if he goes down for the night around 7:00pm like Hazel, he wakes up more frequently.  However, the last couple of nights he has gone down at 6:00pm (and as early as 5:30!) and sleeps 10-12 hours without waking!  The Dude likes his early bedtime!

So, we’re unsure how to put him to bed in the crib at 6:00 (or 5:30) and then get Hazel to bed quietly an hour later.  Any suggestions?


One Response to “Sharing a Room”

  1. Gwanny March 26, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Just a thought — maybe you could pick out the books and jammies when Ambrose is getting to bed early. Move Hazel’s pre-bed ritual into your room. Then tell her the rules, etc and add sneaking in quietly to get in bed.

    You might call Lisa or Ken and see what worked for them with Josie.

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