Date night and eggs

18 Mar

Daddy’s on a date with Hazel tonight.  She was so excited all day she could barely contain herself.  “Hazel go on date with Daddy.  Ride in gray car.  Wear pretty dress.”  She picked out the pinkest outfit she possibly could and dolled herself up with pretty necklaces and a pink headband.  Daddy came home to pick her up, and she squealed with delight.  (Maybe I shouldn’t mention it, but she thought going on a date meant she was going to Iowa).  Cute.

Gorgeous girl going out with her loving daddy

Daddy knows the way to a girl's heart. M&M Blizzard.

Since I dined by myself tonight I made eggs.  What’s with my family disdaining eggs? Anyway, I made scrambled eggs with brown rice, brussels sprouts, and fish.  Yes, I was feeling a little dangerous, and guess what?  It was delish!!  I always thought leftovers were better with a fried egg on top, now maybe I’ll have to have my leftovers in my eggs.


2 Responses to “Date night and eggs”

  1. Gwanny March 18, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    4G@DQ — Mike’s Grandpa Gene is smiling, seeing the DQ tradition continue with the fourth generation.

  2. Shannon March 22, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    I love that Mike takes Hazel out on dates. What a wonderful way to bond and teach Hazel how a man should treat her when she gets older. She is a lucky girl, to have such a loving father.

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